Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sewing Saturday - Another request

When my daughter ask me to make something for her sister in law "D", I did not hesitate to agree because it's another sewing project.  I got so excited when I found out they were for their baby that's on the way this month.  Only weeks to go and I told myself to better get busy.  The style was a bit different from the regular bibs I made.  I am guessing this is the new generation bibs.  As I mentioned before, I am not good at following directions but I can look at a photo and figure out how to do it.  Since I have a lot of photos to share,  you can just check it out yourself.  If you think you want to get some to give as gifts to someone having a new baby, just send me a comment.

Made from all my left over materials.

Chevron bib

Penguin and dots - they are held together by very tiny magnets and not velcro.

My favorite because it's so now.

This is for my MIL's neighbor Sylvia (for her 1st great granddaughter)

These are for Dianne's baby

For a little boy who will grow up to be like the Biebs

A little scary when I'm making any fabric with skulls.
I better get busy as I still have to make Dianne a couple of swadlling blankets and a little hat with a knot on top.  I cannot believe it but I made 15 bibs in total.

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