Sunday, January 12, 2014

Super Sunday - Play off is so exciting

Although I reside in the Bay area and should be cheering for the 49ers, I have to secretly admit that I am a New England Patriots fan.  You are probably wondering why and I am sure I've mentioned it on one of my other post about NFL.  Just in case you did not read it, when I was still in Canada and working, my friends have a Superbowl party every year.  That time, I really did not have a great understanding about football, but it's fun to go to these parties because it's a fun watching it with friends who are avid fans.  Another reason why I had to pick a team was that every week there's a NFL pool and the sheet comes out early in the week and you had to pick your teams for the Sunday games.  I recall one girl from work who chose her teams by the color of their uniforms and a lot of times she would win some of the money for that week.  Why I chose the Patriots, I love to say their name, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.  That's how it all began.  Now that I am here in SJC/SFO, the friends that we hang out with are all 49ers fan.  As you know both Patriots and 49ers are in the playoff.  Almost forgot, Jeff's cousin Gracie is an avid fan of the Broncos.  She was also not an NFL fan until she started dating Kevin who is a true Denver Broncos fan.  Enough yappin'
my Patriots played an awesome game last night and now I have to watch with Jeff the 49ers game.  Good luck to all the teams playing.  The only concern I have is that if the Broncos win then that means the Patriots will be playing them next Sunday.  I better wear my Patriots scarf because it seems luck it's my good luck charm.


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