Friday, January 10, 2014

Friendly Friday - Only 54 more sleeps

One would think that when someone is as old as me, this counting sleeps is not applicable anymore.  Well, you've guessed wrong.  I'm still very young at heart and very much like a kid at times specially when it comes to awaiting for my BFF's visit.  After they booked their flights my buddy PJD ask me how many more sleeps and I immediately replied 60 more.  He was quite surprised that I knew the answer.  Last week I have emailed them some travel tips as well as providing my CPBB brochure.  My other friend RFE who is retiring this month will also be visiting.  I am so honored that she picked our B&B as her first relaxing week after her retirement.  Somehow I wished that she was staying longer than one week because she is not returning to work.  But I do understand that she cannot be gone too long from her home and her puppy and her significant other.  Although I have many more weeks to plan my menu for the week, I am very excited about trying different recipes which I'm hoping they will enjoy.  Of course, I can always use all the favorites of my previous guests.  We've talked a little bit of what they would like to do while they here but agreed that it's all about just hanging out and enjoying the company.  One thing we will definitely do is see a hockey game, maybe a couple round of golf, maybe even shoot some pool and listen to some live music.  If there's time we will have to take a day trip to somewhere nice and it will all be dependent on the weather.  

This one is counting sheep but I guess I am more into counting sleeps. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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