Thursday, November 8, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Tired of sewing

That's right, I need a little break from sewing all those fabric wallets and holders.  Last Tuesday I finished sewing all the fabrics that I cut except for a few baby slippers.  I only made one and I almost forgot how to make them.  There's a new mom at the place where I volunteer and she wanted to see what it looks and maybe order some for her baby girl.  Maybe after my sister's visit, I will return to more sewing as I have a big project for my MIL.  The ladies at my dentist office are very interested in seeing all the ones I have finished. I will be bringing them to my next appointment so there's a good chance I might sell some of them.  During the first week of December, I also plan to take these items to my place of volunteer to see if the ladies there are interested in buying some for Christmas gifts.  Last night I saw the couple of bananas on the table getting a bit brown.  Since I had stopped sewing I had some time to make some muffins.

Banana, apricot and pecans muffins.

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