Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Terrific Tuesday - Sister as my guest blogger

Yes, this is a terrific day as my sister has gracefully allowed me to be a guest blogger. We had just returned from our trip to Jackson Rancheria. And while she is doing the dishes, I have the duty of doing this blog.

We left yesterday and stayed overnight at the casino hotel. We were given $5.00 credit to use and my card won't show the credit so I just started to put in $6.00 of my own money. I played the Mayan Riches slot and won $70.00. We walked around and my sister was playing her favorite machine and winning and losing. I then played the same machine in a different location and won $55.00.

My fave brother-in-law did not play a lot. We then went to have buffet dinner and my lil sister enjoyed the crab legs.....she must have eaten 14 crab legs!!!!!! That was after she had a plateful of different stuff.

This morning we went to the casino and played for half an hour and had fun playing Michael Jackson slot. We won $10.00 but had the most fun. On our way home we did more shopping and I must say we had a really fun and terrific day. Thank you sis and brother-in-law.

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