Friday, November 9, 2012

Food Friday - Poker Night Snacks

Finally I figured out what I will be serving tonight for Jeff's Poker Night at home.  Most of the players brings something even if you tell them not too.  At the end of the night we always end up with extra snacks.  So here's my menu for the evening.
  • Buffalo Chicken Balls with celery and carrots and Blue Cheese dipping sauce
  • Mediterranean Pie (red pepper, spinach, onion, ham, 3 kinds of cheese and egg)
  • Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts with spicy sweet sauce.
  • Assorted Vegetable Platter with Dip
  • Pepper and Sea Salt Chips
Hopefully all the players that said YES will actually be here.  As long as we have at least 5 or 6 players we will be good.  The betting is friendly and we hope that this time either Jeff or I will win some.  Good luck to us.

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