Monday, November 5, 2012

Many Monday - So much time

Even though we gained an hour yesterday due to Daylight Savings Time, it took us at least an hour to change all the clocks/watches in our home.  We decided to make a list of the ones we have to change and the ones that changes automatically.  How many clocks/watch does a regular household have?  Here's our list with the first group having all the ones we needed to change manually.
  1. Golf Clock in the living room
  2. Pyramid Clock in the living room
  3. "Who the hell cares" clock in the kitchen
  4. Microwave Clock
  5. Oven Clock
  6. Keurig Coffee maker clock
  7. Guest bathroom clock
  8. Our bathroom clock
  9. Coke Clock in Jeff's home office
  10. House phones x 5
  11. Metal clock in the guest bedroom
  12. Clock radio in our room
  13. In and out temperature clock
  14. Battery charger
  15. Timer in the kitchen
  16. My 6 watch
  17. Jeff's 2 money clip watch
  18. Deck big clock
  19. Nissan Leaf car clock
  20. Toyota car clock
This second list are the ones that changes the time automatically.
  1. Jeff's cell phone
  2. My cell phone
  3. Squeeze box (internet radio)
  4. My Nintendo DS
  5. Jeff's computer
  6. My Dell lap top 
  7. Jeff's Kindle Fire
  8. My Kindle
That's all the time I have and hopefully you all remembered to do all your clocks and was not late for anything yesterday.

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