Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well Wednesday - What is happening to me?

For the past couple of days, I stayed home and rested because I was not feeling so great. I got up on Monday feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous.  After having breakfast I thought I would start feeling better, instead I had to lay in our couch for most of the morning because each time I get up and move quickly the dizziness returns.  In short, nothing was done because I was useless and was not in the mood to do anything if I cannot bounce.  I was very lucky because Jeff was working from home and made my lunch and helped me if I needed to get up.  For dinner we ordered Chinese food because I did not have the energy to cook or do dishes.  Luckily the next day, I felt a bit better to do simple house chores but did not want to overdo it just in case.  It was a good idea to slow down and relax some more because we were invited to one of Jeff's friends 60th birthday dinner party.  It was held at a restaurant so it was easier for me because we did not have to walk around and socialize.  Having dinner at a restaurant was pretty relaxing as they serve your food.  I was glad to have a bit of an appetite by the time we ordered our food.  What is happening to me is something I cannot figure out.  One day I am all good with my bounce and then the next day no energy no bounce.  Hopefully whatever it was will stay away because I have to be in tip top shape for my favorite sister's visit.  Last time she was here, I was sick for 3 days and I had to ask Jeff and my MIL to take her shopping.  She did not mind and she actually love the way they shop and look for bargains.  Obviously they know how because they learned from me.  Only three more sleep and my sister will be here.  Our guest room is all ready for her as well as her special surprise box as my belated happy birthday gift.

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