Monday, November 26, 2012

Missing Monday - Reason Why

Some of you maybe wondering why I have not been blogging for the past three days.  I will blame it on my sister. We have been doing a lot of things together and having so much fun that I have not opened my lap top to check my email, reader and blog.  The days have gone by so fast she will be going home tomorrow and so I am just really enjoying each and every moment that we spent together.

Yesterday I took her with me to our cousins home as I had to do measure a couple of nice ladies for their gown for an upcoming wedding in the Philippines.  I have not done this for a very long time but luckily I still remember what needs to be done.  After the measurements were completed, the ladies took us to lunch at a Filipino Restaurant in Milpitas, CA.  The choice of entrees were excellent.  We enjoyed hanging out with them even though it was our first time meeting them.  I just hope that it will work out and the ladies will look great at the wedding.  Maybe they will send me a photo in a couple of months.

There's more stories to share but it was getting late so I will make it short and continue tomorrow.
This photo was taken at Jackson Rancheria Casino and Resort - this was part of our overnight trip.

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