Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three Tuesday - DWTS - KA has to go

After watching last nights DWTS, I cannot believe how Kirstie Alley still gets higher points when she can't hardly breath after dancing.  The pros that was doing all the moves makes her look good, but if you really watch the moves that she does, I really cannot believe why she is still in the competition.  Is she paying other people to vote for her?  But then the judges still gives her a better score than Shawn Johnson. 

  • YES - I believe Gilles and Apollo should be the top male stars to go forward.
  • NO - Kirstie really have to go.  She cannot be with the same group as Kelly and Melissa who definitely are a different calibre of dancers. Sometimes when you watch their moves, the are so compatible and so together.
  • MAYBE - Emmett will be safe because he has a lot of football followers.  If Kirstie stays and moves forward, maybe this is my last week of watching DWTS.
Did you watch her reaction after her votes were announced? Is this woman on drugs?

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