Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sorry Sunday - I can't help it

It was so nice to have our grandson Gamble sleepover again.  He told his father that he misses us and he has not come by to stay with us.  So yesterday afternoon we picked him up and took him to dinner.  My MIL usually comes over for dinner but last night since we had Gamble, we decided to take them both to dinner.  We had asked Gamble what kind of food he would like for dinner and he chose PIZZA.  Our choice of venue was Mountain Mike which was located near my MIL's home.  It was a little busy but we did not realize how noisy it was until we sat down.  In one section of the restaurant there was some sort of party going on with a few adults and a bunch of kids.  The kids were running around the whole restaurants at the same time screaming. None of the parents were in control or were interested in trying to keep the kids quiet or behaved.  Then all of a sudden I hear one of the guys said the bad word "M----r F----r" on the top of his voice.  Thank goodness that Gamble was busy playing Angry Birds on my MIL's phone.  We still did not have our food so we just sat there and I covered my ears because the noise was in full blast and was starting to get a headache.  Then one of the kids got hurt while running around and for a moment it was silent.  A few minutes later our food arrived and the kids started again with their running around and their screaming.  During the middle of our meal, the same guys said that same bad word for all the patrons to hear.  I will not profile because it's not polite but this type of behavior is not tolerated by some restaurants. This establishment is going to be added to my list of restaurants to avoid. There are other places to take your grandson for a pleasant meal without having to listen to screaming unruly children and parents who does not care what their children are listening to and have uncontrollable kids.

I guess we could have just taken our order home and had a more pleasant evening but we thought that it was a good time to teach Gamble what NOT to do or not to be.  His Dad actually told him before he left his home to behave while dining and to be calm but at the same time enjoy and have fun with Grampa and Ola.

Would you have stayed or would you have taken your order to go?  


  1. That is sweet that Gamble asked if he could stay with you guys. I'm sure you both missed each other.

    If I was in that situation, I would have asked for my food to go. If they asked why, I would have said because of the other patrons. I know they won't say anything to the obnoxious bunch but I think they need to know.

  2. I would have left or taken the food home. I do not have the patience for that kind of behaviour. When my kids were young, we took them to restaurants and I can't remember them to be like that at all. And I have one hyper kid. The restaurant staff should have said something. I am sure there would not only be you avoiding that place.