Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Exactly Six Sleeps

That's right, it's exactly six more sleeps before my sister arrives.  I have been talking to her almost every week or maybe more just to make sure she was still coming to visit.  We have a few plans lined up but the big even is for her to experience the USA Thanksgiving.  This maybe her first time that she is not cooking for Thanksgiving.  She is a very good cook and bakes the best birthday cake ever.  Not only that she also use to make an awesome wedding cake until most of the couples that ordered the wedding cake from her have now been all divorced.  One time while we were on vacation with relatives, we tried to count how many wedding cakes she made for special couple and how many were actually still together.  I cannot remember the exact number but I believe there's probably one or two couples left.

She is all packed and just counting the sleeps before she gets on the plane to see us.  A friend of mine wanted to learn how to make a special Filipino dessert and my sister agreed to give her a quick lesson while she is visiting.  I am sure that I will be requesting some special Filipino dishes that I have not eaten since her last visit.  Maybe this time I won't be gaining but maybe just enjoying each and every dish she makes for me.

Here's a song that we both love and it remind us of our teenage days.  Biggest Part of Me.


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