Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Weighing Wednesday - When do I panic

A few days ago my daughter and I were texting about weight gain.  Although we are not over weight, we still are very conscious and mindful how important it is to watch our weight.  For me it all about being healthy and having a normal weight comes as part of the Diabetes regiment.  So when do I panic?  When I step on the scale and I see a particular number that is my cut off.  This is when I start doing a bit more exercise, watching what my meal portions are and start drinking more water.  It is amazing that I can some results only after a couple of days.  It would be nice to get to my goal and lower the BMI.  And I know that just because I am old, it does not mean that I should just let go and not worry about the looks.  Yes, I start getting a little worried when I can't lose the weight that I gain just because I ate a bit more and did not do any exercise.  What is truly difficult for me to get into the habit is going for a walk.  My diabetes nurse suggested to take up some winter sports and or walk around the block.  When we lived in San Jose where the weather is nice almost everyday, I still did not get the motivation to walk around the block.  But what I did was golf (walking of course) at least 2 to 3 times a week.  But now that we live in a city where there is at least 5 months of winter, it's very difficult to do things outdoors.  Anyway, enough complaining, here's an example how easily I can gain the couple of pounds I just lost. LOL

Jeff's dinner.

My dinner but only ate half. 

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