Saturday, January 6, 2018

Stitching Saturday - Back to sewing projects

Today is the first day I came back to the Yellowknife Yardage aka my sewing room.  It was a bit messy due to the holidays.  Although it did not take me a long time to tidy up, it gave me the motivation to do something small.  I did not know what to do with the empty candle holder. Shortly after the idea of making my own personal pin cushion was the final decision. If I have a few ideas/projects, I use a basket to place all the items I need to make that item.  This might include, fabrics, trims, notions, thread, etc.  It makes it easier for when I am ready to start making it.  Currently I have only a couple of basket with items in them.  One has the house slippers project while the other has a bit more complicated project - a jacket.  I found a second hand pattern at the Thrift Store and since I already have the fabric at home, it would make sense to practice with it.  Actually the fabric was given by my sister to me, to make her a dress a long time ago. I never made the dress, so now I am going to attempt to sew the jacket for her. LOL.  If she happens to read this post, I am sure she will say, "wait a minute, I recognize that fabric".  

#1 Basket for making house slippers.

My new pin cushion.

#2 Basket - short jacket for my sister.

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