Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trying Tuesday - Just like to be busy

This is going to sound weird but I started giving more time to my volunteer agency of choice.  It seems like once a month for 3 or 5 hours is not enough.  I asked my coordinator if he might need some help at the office.  It was last month when I mentioned it to him and now he has taken my offer.  So I go into the office twice a week for 4 hours to help out with whatever needs to get done.  I love what I am doing because I can help him get organized and I keep my mind working.  It is not going to be a permanent one, just temporarily until things get back to normal.  This way I can still do some of my sewing, crafts and or whatever it is I would like to do.  Last week since the three days of the week I was home, I decided to do more sewing.  I bought this fabric that was so attractive for $1.99 and I knew it would become something useful.  The fabric was not very big and I had to make sure I plan my project so I can get the most out of this.  If someone buys them for a very cheap price, it would still be a profit.  Although my labor is not included in the price because it will make the item a little too expensive.  To me, it is just for fun and I can always use it as gifts for any occasion.

I was able to make two of these tote bag aka shopping bag.

Then I made three of these flat iron/curling iron (small type) travel case.  

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