Saturday, January 13, 2018

Slippers Saturday - Still searching

Living in Canada is definitely a bit different that our previous home in San Jose, CA.  First of all, I could get away wearing flip flops or sandals all year long.  Maybe with the exception of some nights that we go out and I need to wear shoes for a little warmth.  So when winter arrived, I knew I can't wear my flip flops are home because my feet gets cold very quickly.  I saw a pair from Walmart that I thought would be good only to find out that I pick the wrong color as it gets dirty easily and after I washed it, the shape all went wonky.  Thereafter, I have been searching for the perfect slippers.  I saw something cute, almost like a ballet slippers in navy blue with a pink bow.  It was OK for the first month or two then it got a little loose and after a couple of wash, it lost its shape and support.  Jeff suggested maybe I should just make one for myself using left over fabric at first for the prototype.  I followed his advise and I started searching for fabrics in my baskets.  Then I bought some insole from the dollar store and I made my own pattern using my used navy blue slipper.  I think I am comfortable with the process of making one but definitely need a lot of tweaking with the size and shape.  It is not perfect but I could use it around the house because it's comfy and keeps my feet warm.  Since it's a little wide, I added a couple of black ribbon so I can tie it tighter so the slippers won't slip off my feet.  There are definitely a lot of slippers at different store, the only problem is that some are so stiff. 

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