Saturday, January 20, 2018

Spanish Saturday - Together is better

When you live in a place where winter months are long and cold, you will need something to do indoors that does not require a lot of energy.  This is when we decided to take a new hobby, that's right.  We are learning the language of Spanish and we are doing it together.  Now one might ask, why Spanish and not French.  Our response is simple.  We think it is easier than French.  In addition to that, my other first language is Tagalog and we have a lot of similar words to Spanish.  I believe it was because the country was under Spaniards for some years.  Another reason is that Jeff actually took Spanish with his buddy Carlos many moons ago.  In fact he still kept his textbooks and notebook for that class.  At first I started it and then Jeff realized I was having fun with it.  After a few days, he began his lessons.  Sometimes he would ask for my help when he is getting stuck with a particular word.  That is when I thought that I would wait for him to catch up with me, so we can be in the same lesson together.  We found out later that together is better.  When we get stumped with a word or two, we seek each other's help but not trying to outdo each other as to how many correct answers we can do in a row.  Although Jeff knows that I am just a tad ahead of him.  I almost forgot to say that when I first moved to San Jose, my MIL and I took some lessons at the senior center to kill some time.  It cost us $1 per class so we kept going until we got bored.  The teacher was not that great and although I had fun helping him create new flash cards for our class, after a while he was just annoying since we just learned words but never really put them together.  DUOLINGO is the way to go.  I have it on my phone and my Kindle.  Luckily for me, my BFF from Mississauga, Ontario is fluent in this language.  Once in a while we do our text in Spanish just to practice and we also do a video chat when we need some questions regarding conjugation.  Now we all need to practice it somewhere.  Maybe I can convince Jeff that we need to get away for a week at an all inclusive resort where they speak Spanish.  Probably Dominican Republic would be our first choice.  If this cold weather stays longer than expected, we might want to reconsider and actually go somewhere warm. LOL
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