Friday, February 2, 2018

Flakey Friday - Napoleon vs Tiramisu

During the weekend we were invited to one of neighbors for dinner.  I offered to bring desserts since I love trying out new recipe.  At first I was going to try and make Napoleon.  I have never made it before and it didn't seem to be that complicated.  But after reviewing the recipe and looking at what I have in our fridge, I ended up making Tiramisu instead.  I was not comfortable bringing a dessert that is my first time trying the recipe.  Instead I made another dessert - Creme Caramel using the Martha Stewart version.  A few days before I was going to make all these desserts, I was watching her show and she was featuring custards.  Anyway, both my Tiramisu and Creme caramel turned out just perfect.  In addition to the two desserts, I also baked my #5 artisan bread.  I cannot stop but admire this bread as the recipe is very easy and it always comes out exactly the same as long as you follow every step of the recipe.  The main thing about this recipe is trying your patience.  You have to be able to just let it sit overnight and let it rise between 12 to 15 hours and I believe that is the key.  I have to thank the person who shared that recipe on Pinterest.  If not for that recipe, I would have never tried making my own bread because for many years I was afraid of the YEAST.  Now I have tried to make french bread as well and it also turned out just fine.  Almost forgot to tell you that my taste tester is my hubby.  I figured if he gives it a two thumbs up, then my job is done.  Since Tiramisu is his favorite dessert, I am hoping he might like the Napoleon too.  Until the next baking day, enjoy reading my post and maybe someday you will get a chance to try all of these treats.

#3 Tiramisu

#5 Artisan Bread

#1 Creme Caramel 

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