Monday, January 8, 2018

Mastering Monday - Bread or macarons

Just a reminder, there are still seven more days to enter my contest.  Check out the rules posted on my January 1 - anniversary celebration.  So far only two people have won therefore there are five more spots available to you.  Back to the topic of today - baking.  That is right, I am trying to master the making of the artisan bread.  One great thing about the recipe that I have found is that everything about it is easy.  I have made it four times and each time it came out perfect.  Now I don't want to make other type of bread, just this one but maybe next time make it either savory, like with garlic and rosemary or sweet like with cranberry and honey, or raisins and nuts.  But when it comes to macarons, I still have to do a lot to say I am comfortable with the process and results.  Although some of the ones I have done so far are not bad, I want to make the filling less sweet and the color brighter and the size perfectly shaped.  This can only be achieve once I get my Silpat mat.  Happy baking!

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