Thursday, January 11, 2018

Triangle Thursday - A new goal to achieve

After my visit with the Diabetes nurse, I now have to work hard to get my A1C lowered.  You might wonder how high is my result and what is the normal numbers.  So here's the scoop.  My A1C is currently at 7.2% and both my family doctor and nurse wants me to be at 7.0%.  When you look at this numbers you might say, that's not so bad, right.  My doctor says to me, " I know you can do it".  Anyway what can I do?  I know what I can do but the real issue is doing it.  LOL.  Now why the Triangle. It's my own reminder of what do I need to do to accomplish and get the right number.  It's really all about exercise (30 minutes a day), balanced diet and pay attention to portion and last is TP (Treatment Plan which includes checking blood sugar, sticking to schedule and taking medications).
It's not hard if you have been doing this for many years but as we all know, every now and then, you fall short on certain part of the regiment. This is a new year and it's a perfect time to re-evaluate and return back to taking care of me.  I am not making an excuse but last year we had so much happening in our lives that sometimes, health issues gets put aside just a little.  Did I mention that I got an Elliptical machine for Christmas?  Also just in case you don't have Alexa, she has certain exercise program that is good when you only have a few minutes to spare.  I really don't want to call it my new year's resolution, but another part of the TP is to keep weight down. It's really too bad because I had lost 6 pounds prior to moving here.  When the golf season ended and the cold weather keeps us indoors, between baking bread, sweets and yummy dinners, guess what happen to the weight loss.  OMG, you are so so right, it's BACK.  There's a certain threshold when I start to panic and start doing all of the stuff that I have been talking about.  I call it my scary numbers when I step on the scale. OK time to finish this post and get moving.  Wish me luck because I need all of what I can get.

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Image result for gaining weight

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