Friday, January 26, 2018

Freehand Friday - Quick paintings

Now you are probably going to say, it must be another snowy day.  Correct.  I need to make use of the days that I stay indoors and be productive.  Since I have not done any painting since before Christmas, I took out the paint brushes, acrylic paints and four very small frames.  You might ask, how small are there?  They are 4 in. x 4 in ready to paint canvas from the Dollar store.  I had done a couple for my sister while she was visiting and she really liked it.  Now I am doing 4 for my room or for someone who might like it and it will become a gift (souvenir from my collections).  The next project I completed was a sign for our front door.  Since we have taken the Christmas decor from the front door, it looks empty.  I needed to make something that will be great for all year round.  Of course I would make up some other theme ones like (Valentines or Easter, etc),  I actually got this idea from a floor mat that I saw at one of the stores.  I wanted to get it but by the time we return to that particular store, they mats were gone.  That is why I am making one as a door sign. 






Seasons Collection

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