Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sizeable Saturday - Maybe the last batch

One of the things I love about Jeff's vegetable garden is checking the growth of each kind of vegetables.  Unfortunately the season is over and now he would have to clean the garden bed and get them ready for the winter crops.  I am not sure what they would be this time.  So this morning I decided to check them out one more time just in case.  Surprisingly I found a few that were ready to be harvested.  Most of the time I would call Jeff to get them for me because I don't like those prickly tiny thorns that some of them have.  This time I decided to be brave an get them myself.  I found that tool that he left around the steps so I could easily see them if I wanted to use them.  Well, check out what I have found and of course I want to brag about them.  Aside from the vegetables, I also like picking some of the roses as well.

For some reason, this color has produced more than the yellow one.

This is plenty for Jeff and I to be used for our salad or salsa.

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