Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stressful Sunday - Finally it's in the mail

It all began sometime during the first month of 2016.  We both went online searching for all the documents required to apply for residency in Canada and for becoming a US citizen.  Everything was downloaded on a PDF format and we started completing the forms as a draft.  We gathered all the documents required and several times we stumble upon some requirement that would take more work like getting an FBI clearance, tax transcripts or even just getting the correct photos.  Although I am saying we started working on these applications, we would only spend an hour or two and then give up for whatever reason.  In mid April, I finally decided I would complete my forms for the US and not stop until it's all completed.  We could not believe how fast everything was being processed every three weeks I would receive some sort of instructions, complete it and make the long story short, the whole US Citizenship process was a done in five months.  During all this time, Jeff's application was put on hold.  Until last week when I noticed that one of the document might expire and that his photos were not stamped correctly.  This week, we spent at least 4 hours every night getting all the forms finalized ensuring that all the boxes are checked off, etc.  You probably don't know this but when you are sponsoring your spouse to emigrate to Canada, they are asking so many things when it comes to proving your relationship.  Hint, we have known each other for 13 years and have been married for 8 years but we still have to comply.  We scanned a bunch of photos, the letters/cards we exchange for those 7 years, all our airline tickets, boarding pass and stamped on our passports. I went to the post office early on Friday and mail the package. Now it's the waiting game.  Information online seems like it will take 14 months that is if everything is correct and no delays with submitting additional information, medical exams, etc.  But we all know that days go by quickly if you are busy which we are. We can't really do anything with regards to buying house, etc.  One thing we know for sure is the area where we want to move.  Keep all our fingers crossed and hope for the best.  
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