Friday, October 21, 2016

Fancy Friday - Scrapbooking and more

When my neighbor needed some help organizing some section of her home, I told her I would come over and help her out one afternoon.  And I did.  But we also talk about organizing some of her many photos that were just in boxes.  I told her what I did with my photos when I move from Canada to the US.  I placed them in a box and figured once I retire I would have all the time to do it.  When my friend Jean showed me how to do it, I was able to do at least three scrapbook from the photos in a box.  I made one for my family, Jeff's family and one for just friends.  I found a couple of nice scrapbook at Michael's and I got them for my neighbor.  We decided on a date to meet again to just organize the photos.  A couple of days later my friend Tran and I stopped by my neighbor Pam started the process.  By the end of the day we completed 10 pages and she realized she would need a couple more books.  She also bought some really nice papers and accent papers while Tran bought her tools that she had from her scrapbooking days.  It was such a rewarding experiencing once the photos are on the album.  We plan to do another get together to do more pages and hopefully complete the project.  Have you done any scrapbooking?  Do you still have old and new photos in a box or do you have them all scanned or in files in your computer.  Do you have one of those electronic photo frame that you download photos?
 Fiskars Paper Edgers Scissors

 Double Dot Paper Pad 6"X6" 36 Sheets-Bold & Bright 

 Fabric Frame Scrapbook 8.5"X11

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