Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tension Thursday - a new relaxing hobby

It's all about the tension of the thread.  That's what I recently learned when doing embroidery.  If you recall a few weeks ago, my MIL showed me how to do some easy stitches that I could use on some of my kitchen towel projects.  There were at least four towels that I have set aside for some of my friends.  Some of the towels my MIL did the embroidery but after I finished one, I decided to finish the rest.  It is so relaxing when I am doing it and a little addicting because once you see how the drawing gets transformed into an art work, then you would want to do make more.  Since there is only a few more months before Christmas, I am going to get busy making more and set them aside as gifts.  There's another small size of cloth and it is available in a variety of colors that I will have to get.  I love the idea that I can just design it or use a transfer and add my own creative art work.  After all the embroidery has been completed,  I chose a fabric that compliments the colors of the flowers, leaves, letters, etc.  So check these towels and hopefully you will like them and maybe one day have one of this in your kitchen.


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