Monday, October 31, 2016

Mouthwatering Monday - Persimmons

Almost forgot that today is Halloween and for me is the scariest night of the year.  I never really liked this holiday but if you have children, you need to be brave and not show that you are afraid.  Making costumes when my son and daughter were little was fun.  During their adult days, I found myself still helping make their costume.  Now a days, the most that Jeff and I do is give out candies and in our neighborhood unfortunately not too many kids goes around.  Most of our neighbors are retired and have grown kids that have moved out.  Maybe it's their grandchildren that comes around.  The funny part about giving out candies,
Jeff usually does it because sometimes the bigger kids are wearing some pretty scary mask or costumes, I just don't want to see them.  The other funny part is that Jeff does not mind not having too many kids stopping by because it means, he will have more candies to eat.  This is why when we buy the bags of candies, he has to make it sure the assortment in the bag are his favorite.  As for me, I just want a few saved so that I can have them when I get a low blood sugar episode in the middle of the night.  They are the perfect size for me to have to bring up my sugar level.  I'm sorry, I got so side tracked, this post was suppose to be about persimmons.  There's not much to say except we received a bag of the sweetest persimmons ever.  It came from our friend's tree and she picked the best that are firm and ready to eat.  Well, the colors of this fruit is perfect for tonight's holiday.  See the photo I took.  Happy Trick or Treating and be safe.

I found this one that was taken during an office Halloween party in 1990's?


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