Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sports Sunday - Winning teams

What a dilemma each Sunday when figuring out which sports I want to watch.  Since we only have two tuners, I can only record two shows and then I have to watch something I have recorded previously.  It was good that I have recorded an LPGA yesterday so I could watch it while the baseball and football were being taped.  A funny story,  I wanted to make sure I recorded Game 3 of the ALDS since Toronto Blue Jays is 2-0 and of course they are in my home town.  I recorded what I thought showed Texas at Toronto telecast which starts at 430 pm PST.  When it was time to watch, the one I recorded was all in Spanish, which I didn't mind because the score will be still showing.  Until the 3rd inning, while flipping through the channels, I realized there was another channel covering the game and it was in English.  Well, I am sure you have heard that the Blue Jays won in a clean sweep against Rangers.  Of course on Sunday, there's a lot of NFL games as well and I am happy to say that my New England Patriots won again.  Just to make it clear, while I am watching all these games, I was busy sewing a new pool cue case for my new stick.  I found it at Big 5 Sporting Goods and I feel in love with it.  There was some ironing to do, so I also finished it while watching.  This way there is no wasting of my precious time.

My new case is made of black lace and it's lined and has a quilted pocket inside to protect the stick.
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Good luck to your next round against whoever they maybe.  GO Jays GO!

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Keep up the winning streak.  Your fans are with you all the way.

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