Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Great bargain hunter

There's only 75 shopping days before Christmas and so we decided to shop last weekend for deals at Kohl's.  The great part about Kohl's is if you spend $50 you get $10 Kohl's cash.  I usually get to spend it for something that I need and I usually find a great deal.  For example, I went with my friend last Friday night and I bought a top for myself and for my daughter.  Since I had a $10 reward and my friend Jean gave me her 20% coupon, I end up paying only $3.65 for what I purchased.  Both tops were Vera Wang and the price is between $40 and $44.  When my MIL and I are shopping, whatever Kohl's cash she gets, she give it to me to use for whatever.  A couple of weeks ago, I used it for a nice navy blue hat and a set of bracelets.  Yesterday, I found a nice black top for my daughter and again the regular price is around $40 and I bought it for $900 and with my Kohl's cash from the Christmas shopping we did during the weekend, I got the top for free.  When you have the time to look through the special racks that are 80% off, it's definitely worth spending some time.  I can go through the rack pretty quick because I already have an idea what I am looking for and I know what I want to pay.  We will most like do another Christmas shopping before the end of the month to avoid the line up and the crowded store.  I happen to chat with my next door neighbor the other day and they just came back from Christmas shopping for their grandchildren.  Are you organize enough to get your shopping done early?  Are you one of those who likes to wait the last minute for bargains?  Next month they will have the Black Friday sale which is the one day we stay away from going out.  Have you seen those videos of how people behave that day?

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ONLINE SHOPPING is very popular to those who wants to avoid the crowds.

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