Monday, October 17, 2016

Mechanical Monday - Only in the Silicon valley

For some reason I got stuck again when I started this post until Jeff sent me a photo of something interesting he saw at their parking lot at work.  At first I thought, someone has invented a new remote control toy and is trying it out.  Then again, just maybe it's actually something useful that their company is trying.  I zoomed into the picture and I sort of can read the word security.  So check out the new robot replacing the security guy that usually goes around the parking lot to check on suspicious movement, etc.  I am guessing this must be an expensive toy but it's probably cheaper than paying a security company guy minimum wage.  It's probably more accurate and because it will have a camera it can record as many incidents, etc.  Now I am wondering if they have a name for it.  Oh who cares, I decided to name it with Jeff's help.

Introducing JEEVS (Juniper Employee Elimination Version of Security).

Image result for echo alexa
Introducing ALEXA.  She's the new addition to our home.  She's very useful and we love her.
Image result for echo dot
This is like Alexa's daughter.  If you have lot's of room in your house, you would want a few of this.

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