Friday, September 30, 2016

Friendly Friday - Oh deer

When I am at the golf course, I usually don't take my phone out to check messages until after I am done.  But sometimes there are some interesting object around the course that you have not choice but to take a photo.  During our weekly golf around the 17th tee box, a very special deer was sitting in the shade very comfortable and relaxed.  That's when I decided to take my phone out and take a photo.  The subject or object was very cooperative and was not concerned about the closeness of humans.  I am talking about the deer around the course.  We see them a lot sometimes as many as 8 usually comprised of a couple of buck, mama deer and a few little ones.  I love the ones with the spots who are still learning how to jump.  They look so graceful and every playful.  Anyway, here's some photos to share.

One of my buddies tried to give her a pear to snack on.

Shortly after I took this one, a couple of big bucks was coming to check if everything was ok.

Oh these are the wild turkeys - are they trying to hide from the Canadian Thanksgiving.

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