Saturday, October 15, 2016

Showering Saturday - It's raining again

It is really too bad that the rainy weather did not arrive a few weeks earlier.  There were so many different brush fires and other type of fires, it would have helped the firefighters to contain the several fires around California. When the weather starts to change for the fall and winter, it's not as harsh as the rest of the country.  We are still able to golf on the days that we don't get the rain.  Of course a few hours from us, like Tahoe and Reno, the temperature is much colder and they get that white stuff that I am not fond off.  The changing of the leaves during this time of the year is spectacular in my old hometown of Ontario.  Yesterday I went around my home to take some photos before the rain came.

In October and November these buds are orange and in December it turns bright red.

Our very last harvest. Last cucumber and three mini eggplants.

This is just around my neighborhood, the only one with some fall colors.

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