Saturday, October 29, 2016

Socket Saturday - My new student

When Jeff asked me to help him with some sort of a project, I was very excited to hear what it was about.  Then he started talking about his tools, some collection of sockets.  I thought he was going to ask me to sew something like a bag that would hold all of this tiny items.  But later on as I listened to him, he actually wanted to do it all by himself with my guidance and training.  On Wednesday night, we started with his Sockets project.  I showed him some of the materials we can use and started figuring out sizes and other notions he would need.
After cutting the main fabric, then the pockets, he started sewing.  I was surprised how well he did.  Except on one part of the pockets, I had to start over due to a minor mistake.  He then continued with the rest of the sewing.  He was ironing as well to ensure the correct fold and to make the seam flatter.  If you noticed on one of the pockets, he chose the fabric with the chevron and he is using it to remind him that those are the sockets that are in Metric. He needed some help in attaching the velcro, so I finished it for him.  I was very proud of my new student on his very first sewing project.  Now he is talking about making a new cover for his Grill.  I had to disappoint him because the fabric he wants for the Grill cover will not be good for my machine as it needs some sort of industrial sewing machine.  I suggested that he could just order it from Amazon or maybe try and patch the original one.  He also did a great job taking photos for this post. 


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