Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whatever Wednesday - All over the place

There's only two weeks left before election day here in the good old USA.  Last Friday, I received my official ballot so I can vote by mail. Inside the package were three pieces of document marked A,B and C.  I thought of just browsing quickly and decided to put it back in the envelope.  Jeff received the sample ballot as he goes to the polling place to vote.  He also received this thick book about the different Measures.  I am guessing I have to sort of look through those and figure out which one I would like to say YES.  Oh, just talking about it gives me a headache.  Let's switch topics, something more interesting and more rewarding.  Yesterday I finally finished my fabric wallet project and during the weekend I started my back pack project.  In between I also started my eye glasses cleaner/cell phone or tablet cleaner.  I bought some micro fiber towel and use them on one side and just a cotton fabric on the other side. Not sure if I did show you these new sets of placements that I finished. These are not our colors, so eventually it will be a gift to someone who will appreciate them, just in time for Christmas.  Almost forgot, I also need to shorten the long summer dress that I bought for my daughter.  So that's it for today because I really need to get busy for I do another post.

Unfortunately the blue chevron and the white elephant pattern has been saved for my daughter.

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