Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sleek Sunday - It was meant to be

Before I start my post for today, I wanted to share a funny story.  I was out with my MIL last week checking out the deals at Kohl's since she has a 30 percent off coupon.  The goal was o buy what we only need or if there were items that was truly a great deal.  We bought some items in the baby department for a friend who recent had a baby boy.  While checking the ladies section I found a couple of simple cut skirt that I thought my daughter would be able to use for work.  Since the price was so cheap, I decided to get her both black and grey one.  When I sent the photo to my daughter, she wrote back " Haha, you already bought me that skirt! By the time I got that message, I was already home and was not interested in returning the skirt for the cheap price.  What else can I do?  I decided to try the skirt and to my surprise it fits me like a glove.  I guess it would have been big for my daughter anyway.  It was meant to be for me.  Today's post is all about meant to be.  Before the citizenship ceremony I needed some sandals to wear and I found it at Broadway Shoes, it was the last pair in my size and a great price.  It was meant for me.  The last one is another footwear that I found at Ross.  I was not really looking for anything but I stumble upon a sleek slip on shoe in a golden color and my size and the only pair. But because the price was really good ($5.69) also, I made an executive decision to buy it. On all three scenarios, It was meant to be.  When you are retired, you have to stretch your money for as long as you can. 
The brand is Bandolino and the price is $5.69 plus tax - still under $10

My new $6.80 skirt that's perfect for work.

An evening wear sandals or for special event or just when I need to bling the outfit.


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