Friday, October 7, 2016

Film Friday - A heart warming movie

Can you remember the last time you saw a movie at the Theater?  Do you remember what you saw?  For me, it has been too long, maybe about a year and a half.  I went with my friend Jean and saw Cinderella.  We were in Reno for a few days and it so happen the hotel we were staying had a movie theater on their property.  While our husbands saw another movie that we were not interested.  Wait, maybe our last movie was maybe the Avengers or maybe Thor.  You see, this is what happens when it has been so long.  While my cousin was visiting us this week we decided to see a movie one day while Jeff was at work.  It was good that I remembered that I had a gift card for the movies that one of our neighbors gave to me for my birthday about 18 months ago.  I was happy to use it for all three of us since we were able to qualify with the senior rate, and it only cost an additional $3.50 for the three of us.  The movie we saw - The Queen of Katwe.  It was a Disney production and a bit long but well worth seeing.  According to the credits, it was based on a true story.  So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, this one I recommend as it's truly a heart warming story.

 Image result for queen of katwe

Image result for queen of katwe

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