Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Terminated Tuesday - Expired registration

How long do you wait before you renew your car registration sticker? Do you wait until they mail you the renewal or do you go and get it way before it expires?  Do you have a choice between one year or two year renewal?  Have you ever had one that expired and actually got a ticket for it?  So this is just an interesting observation or as my MIL says I am very observant.  Last week after parking my car at a parking lot, I started looking at some of the license plate of random cars.  It was very interesting to find out that there were a lot of cars with expired registration.  It was very easy to tell because 2016 is in red and 2017 is like a turquoise color.  Of course there would be some red because we still have until October 31 and for the months of November and December.  But I was shocked to find at least 10 with unexpired stickers starting from February up to September.   On Friday my MIL and I was parked at another parking lot and we both walked around and yes, there were more cars with the similar expired stickers.  I am guessing some of the people forgot or just don't have the money to renew or they are just the exception who are hoping they wouldn't be caught on a simple traffic stop.  Can you imagine if some officer goes around some parking lot and started issuing tickets?  It might not be worth it, but this could be an easy way to collect more funds to pay some of their debt.  Maybe they have more important things to worry about.  As for Jeff and I, we get our renewal in the mail about a month and a half before it expires.  We pay it and receive our stickers way ahead of the expiry dates.  I've seen this topic featured on one of that show in the Bay area called "People behaving badly".  You can find some of them on YouTube.

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