Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday - A new hobby maybe

The California winter is here and that means rain in our area.  It's cloudy, dreary and wet which means it's pretty well an indoor kind of day.  What else can I do but stay at home and complete some of the chores.  Aside from completing an abundance of paperwork, there's always cleaning and tidying up.  While I was trying to find some information that I needed to complete some of the forms, I stumble upon a  photo of a drawing I did a very long time ago.  Probably sometime in 1989 when we first got our first computer at work.  There was no real training nor class that was given.  Basically he said to me to just play with it and you will get comfortable using it.  The first program that I notice was called Paintbrush, does anyone remember them.  Everyday after I have processed and completed the files that was assigned to me, I would work on my one piece of drawing.  I thought since I like working with colors and brushes, I began drawing one fruit at a time then added some of the shades to give it some dimension.  In a way I am so glad I have kept this copy because I have put a lot of time and details on this piece.  Now that I have been retired for over five years, I am contemplating on taking up this hobby but not on computer but on real canvas.  With all the different variety of craft store that's available, I could start on smaller canvas to see if I could still do it.  There's also a few painting classes offered at the senior community center that I could try.  Here's the paintbrush picture that I completed from 1989.

Can you identify all the different type of fruits?


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