Saturday, January 23, 2016

Selective Saturday - Petroglyph

During the long weekend (MLK), we decided to do something fun indoors because of the rainy weather.  We were planning to go on a day trip but when we got up it was raining pretty good so we had to think of something to do and not waste our day just watching TV.  It has been a long time since we went to Petroglyph.  If I remember it correctly, our first time was in July 2008.  We enjoyed picking our piece, painting it and the excitement of picking up your piece after three days.  Petroglyph is a ceramic place where you can pick an item from their collection of ceramic pieces.  They have a wide variety of pieces from dishes, to decorative pieces for the home.  The first time Jeff pick a vase and I picked a bowl with a slot for chop sticks.  After that, I have been back at least three times.  This time I wanted to pick something that will match our new Corelle dishes.  The photos I will share are the before
which is just painted but has not been fired.  The colors are just a little less bright but I know that they will be when we pick up the finished product.

This is called the relish bowl.

We will use it for our home made salsa.
I painted all the ingredients of the salsa on this bowl.

This is an appetizer plate which I don't have in our new set of dishes.
This is the Endless Thread collection of Corelle.  I thought I did a pretty good using similar pattern.

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  1. Your talents know no bounds - this is very inspiring :-)