Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tempting Thursday - Powerball crazy

Everyone was lining up to buy their winning tickets last night for the Powerball because of the biggest jackpot ever.  A friend from Canada said, but some tickets and if you win we can split it.  My problem is that I am not very lucky even though it's mentioned in my name.  I cannot even get one number right.  But just for the sake of curiosity I decided to buy two tickets and as you are reading this post, I have not checked my tickets.  The jackpot is obscene.  And it's pure luck,right.  Some people has a set of numbers that they use and others just get a quick pick or whatever the cashier gives them.  I don't think buying a whole lot of tickets has a better chance than the one who is truly lucky and it's their chance and it's meant to be.  Now it's all a waiting game.  While we are all waiting let me share what makes me happy.  

My friend Jean gave this to me as my house slippers for the cold winters.
I can't hardly wait until I get a mini cut so I can use this band aid.

My bowling score - for the first time I got 100.  I am thinking of getting my own ball. LOL


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