Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tedious Thursday - LEGO art

When you think of Lego, you would think of kids toys, right.  Until I saw the detailed work of Jeff's older sister, now I know that Lego is not just for kids.  I have been wanting to post the photos of the Lego art that his sister Jodi made for my MIL.  What is great about it is each of them are enclosed in a nice case.  Because of the very small pieces that you have to put together, she must have a lot of patience trying to create each theme.  Let me show you the four she's made so far.  As you can see on each case the details she's put into each pieces. 

This is Jeff's brother who likes to brew his own beer.

This is Jeff's mom and dad having breakfast.

This is Jeff's sister Jodi and Laura.

This is Jeff and I playing tennis.

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