Saturday, January 16, 2016

Slip resistant Saturday - Our own bowling shoes

When I told my daughter my bowling score, she was thinking of Wii Bowling.  She didn't realize that I actually go bowling at the real place.  The funny part is that I can have seven strikes in a row in Wii bowling but cannot get one strike in real bowling.  But last week I was very proud to say that I got my score to 100 which is good enough for me since we have only started going last month.  Our friends suggested that maybe we should consider getting our own shoes instead of renting because the cost is very inexpensive.  Of course Jeff did not wait and started checking.  Last night they arrived and we both tried it.  Very comfy and it surely is slip resistant.  I started searching for the perfect bag to carry our shoes and sure enough I found it one in our guest room closet.  This bag was given to me by my favorite SIL many years ago.  At first I use it as my gym bag, then tennis bag, sometimes a weekend bag and now it is the perfect bag for our bowling shoes.

My goal is that each week I can improve my score and when I get better and have great results, maybe I can get my own ball that fits my fingers.  Last week when we played, my friend took out one of those wet wipes and we were cleaning the holes of the balls we were using.  Maybe that's another good reason to have our own personal ball.

Image result for turquoise bowling balls
I love the colors and the design, it's like I got the whole world in my hand.

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