Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tedious Thursday- Still completing forms

There's only a few more days left this month and we have worked on our forms for a month and we are not even close.  It's not that we are being lazy about it, we put a couple of hours every now and then in getting as much of the forms completed.  We also have to get all the documents/evidence that needs to accompany our applications. Some of the questions are a bit silly specially when it comes to our relationship. Jeff and I have known each other for almost 16 years and have been married for almost eight years.  We have to go back and find dates the we traveled to see each other, provide proof of tickets or boarding passes (who keeps those papers for that length of time.  Although while searching for a particular piece of paper, we both discovered that we each have kept a treasure box of all our cards and letters and maybe even some copies of tickets/boarding pass.  I am guess there's hope to get this task completed and sent off by next month.  What is interesting is that we are going through the same motion as those people who are actually using the process to get to Canada (MOC - marriage of convenience).  According to their website, it will take as long as 18 months for the application to get processed.  As for the other application, I have completed 12 pages of 21 and should be completed by the end of this week.  We hope to get everything out by end of next month.  After that it's just another waiting game.  Hopefully we have completed everything perfectly and if not, we are hoping for the best and that luck is on our side.

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