Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TPart Tuesday - Just being creative

You have seen it in your hotel room or maybe even at your friend's house but have you tried doing it at your own bathroom.  Usually when I have guests coming for dinner or friends/family visiting, I would do my TP art in the guest bathroom.  Sometimes I get so creative that I would do it at a friend's house when I have to use their bathroom.  There are times when I would also do it at some nicer bathroom, just to have fun and give the next person something to enjoy.  That is why I am showing you some of my TP art which I have done recently.  I am sure there's a lot of other TP art out there, but I just want to create my own and not copy them.  So far I have done four and even name each design.  You should try it sometime when you are expecting company.

The envelop

The fan

The flying nun

The flower

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