Friday, January 8, 2016

Fruitful Friday - Lemon or Lime

One of the good benefits of living in Cali is being able to pick some fresh fruit even during the winter months.  My MIL has one orange and one lemon tree that produces really juicy and sweet fruits.  The other one is my friend the Master Gardener who has a different selection of fruits.  Remember that really large pomegranate that she gave me before the holidays?  This past weekend I already started making my orange/lemon marmalade.  The fruits were from my MIL's tree.  Since I have already given five out of the eight jars, I am contemplating on making more.  Although I can't really use a lot of the marmalade on my toast, I still like to have them handy for gifts.  The other day I needed some lemons so I traded one of my marmalade with another neighbor.  I felt like I was living in a farm trading goods.  Anyway, I ended up picking not only lemons, lime and some oranges.  Of course I took a photo so you can see.  I also decided to share my latest fruit tray.  I guess you cannot have enough citrus fruits to get enough vitamin C for the cold winter months.

The fruit tray during the holidays.

The Citrus Collection from the neighbors tree.

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