Monday, January 4, 2016

Meticulous Monday- Getting started

It's overwhelming, it's meticulous and information OD.  What the hell am I talking about?  This is the month to start the applications for both Canada and USA.  When I started going through all the forms and reading all the checklist and procedures, my head started hurting so I stopped.  I tried to organize all the different forms so I can complete a draft version.  Then the printer stopped and I could not print some of the forms because I have to update some program in order to download.  To ensure that I don't forget anything, I made some notes on a word document..  OMG, I felt like I was back at work when I was reading some of the regulations.  Some of the forms are still called the same number when I use to work in the early 90's.  Remember the words "come full circle", well I am doing it again.  Although it is now much easier as the information online is so detailed as well as the forms can be completed online.  All in all it's just a lot of information that has to be on paper and we have to really jog our mind for dates and details.  One of our friend that went through a similar process actually had a lawyer assist them.  It would be nice to just pay someone but we would still have to provide all the information to that person.  As 2016 is about FOCUS, I will now have to apply this and try to complete a few forms everyday just to get them ready.  Life is definitely full of surprises and changes that we need to adjust and adapt. Oh bother!

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