Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spontaneous Sunday - My southern belle

Shortly after the all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I received a message from my BFF from Texas.  She was planning on visiting us during the weekend of the Superbowl.  Of course, we would love to see her and spend some time.  Since this is the weekend of the Superbowl XLIX and in case you have not been following NFL, the location is right in the heart of San Jose, CA.  Although we won't be watching the game at the Levi's Stadium, we plan to have our own Superbowl party at home.  It will be a perfect time to have a party while my BFF Sue is visiting.  I know that she loves watching sports because she use to take me to the Bluejays game when she use to visit Toronto.  Sue and I have been friends for almost eight years.  We met on the flight from Toronto to Houston.  It was one of those meant to be kinda thing.  She was on her way home and Houston was my stop over to switch flight for SJC.  We were seated the row just behind the business class.  I actually noticed her at the gate while waiting to board.  I noticed the nice jacket she was wearing and the stylish top.  When I boarded the flight she was seated on the window seat and I sat on the aisle of the same row.  I believe I started the conversation and pretty soon our flight started it's descent.  We exchange numbers and email and the rest is history.  I am so lucky to have a  true southern belle as my BFF.  Only 26 more sleeps before Sue arrives.

May 2015 - Birthday visit

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