Monday, January 18, 2016

Must have Monday - When is it a good deal

The news arrived just before the holidays.  One of the golf courses we play annually for a tournament is closing.  It was a little further from our area to play but we enjoyed our annual trip to play an awesome event.  Unfortunately they can't keep it open due to financial reason. They can't afford to pay the water to maintain the course.  They had two 18 holes and one is like a championship course.  Just after Christmas I received an email message advising us that they will be having the golf shop open to sell all the merchandise.  I was not sure if I needed anything but after New Year, I received another message and the discount was amazing.  Jeff and I decided to travel that distance to find what I can get if there was any left.  Lucky for me I wear the not so popular size shoes.  Check out what I got for a very great deal.

A rain jacket or wind breaker which is perfect for winter golf.

My SIL will give me two thumbs up because it is the right brand of golf shoes.

This might have to wait until spring before I can wear it and I might even alter a little.

Like the above item, this too will have to wait for the summer or until I need a new pair.

When it's a good deal, you can never have too many balls.  I've used the orange ones and lost already two.  LOL

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