Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Warm up Wednesday - I thought I would give it a try

Winter in our area is basically just a lot of rainy days and when it doesn't rain, it is just a cloudy day.  Sometimes the we get some sun and the temperature is just comfortable.  For the next couple of months, our golf schedule is more or less a guessing game.  Since I am responsible for booking tee times, I just book it every week in order to get an early tee time.  The sunset is around five in the afternoon so it is important to be able to get out early.  Now when I can go anywhere due to rain, I have to find something indoors to do.  Of course I have my practice putting green that is my go to when I am bored.  Last week I stumble upon a box of oil pastels that was free.  I didn't hesitate to take it home because I have been wanting to try it.  The next day I bought a small size sketch pad to do some warm up drawings.  Since I have not use pastels for any type of art work, I though I should check out what's available online.  After watching a couple of beginner's instruction, I think I am ready to begin.

This looks a drawing by Dora. LOL
I guess I need a lot of practice.  Maybe I should start with one simple subject.  I thought flowers were simple.  Oh bother, I have to read more or watch more videos.  As my sister says every time I try a new hobby or craft, "you can't have all the talents".  I guess she's right.  Maybe I'll stick with what I am good at.  Another saying, "you can't teach old dog new tricks".  I hope you enjoy today's post and maybe it even made you laugh.

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