Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wispy Wednesday - With or without bangs

My sister and I were talking about hairstyle last night and it got me thinking about what to do with my bangs.  While my sister is trying to find a new shorter hairstyle, I was trying to get my bangs of my face as it was a bit too long.  I can only remember a couple of times when I did not have bangs and it did not last long.  There was not a lot of style I could do.  Maybe it's because I'm just to lazy to discover new ways to wear it.  Now that it's getting to that length, it will only take maybe another couple of months to grow.  Although I am keeping my hair long, sometimes I get this image of me having short hair or no bangs, just one length. One thing for sure is that I am not ready to let the grey grow and have a short hair style. When my bangs starts poking my eyes, I will take my scissors and just start snipping away making some wispy bangs.  I am not afraid to do it because I have done it many times and love how my bangs look.  A couple of months ago, I ask Jeff to trim the ends of my hair to take off some of the split ends.  He did not hesitate and my hair looked very healthy after the trim.  Between Jeff and I, we save a lot of trips to the Hair Salon.  He doesn't even mind doing a root touch-up.  I remember when we were still living apart, we tried the L'oreal hair product to do color and highlights.  The results - a lot of compliments from my friends. Here's a couple photos of what I am considering for style and color.
Just the hairstyle not the color.
Something like this with high and low lights.

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