Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Waiting Wednesday - It's Christmas eve

Waiting, waiting and more waiting.  Who am I waiting or what am I waiting for?  The answer is simple.  I am waiting for Santa to bring my gifts.  Well, that was then.  Now, I am still waiting for the signal to open my gifts.  Since we are following Jeff's tradition, we won't open until Christmas day.  I think I like our tradition because we get to open our gifts at midnight on Christmas eve, which is tonight.  Although I have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the gifts, I am actually allowed to open one tonight.  Now I am being a kid who can't hardly wait to get the gifts and then open it and be surprised.  So far I have opened three gifts from friends during our dinner get together/exchange gifts.  Everyone right now is on a holding pattern, waiting for the right time to open.  Here's one of my favorite Christmas song you can listen to while you wait.  

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